A small technical company; we package reagent chemical products to meet end use requirements in the manufacturing process and on-line process analyzer monitoring.

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We bring a lot in.

With over 35 years of analytical experience, we serve and support end users at a variety of industries including nuclear and fossil power generation, process manufacturing and industrial quality labs.  We supply high purity reagents and consumables for analyzers used on-line, as well as, custom packaged point-of-use in process areas where compliance to quality and safety are paramount. Quality and performance at an affordable price with excellent customer service all the time!

Analytical chemistry, or the art of recognizing different substances and their constituents, takes a prominent position among the applications of science...- Wilhelm Ostwald (1894). 

Over 100 years later and that obsevation holds true, and here we are with an incredible array of process analyzers being operated and maintained by the skill and art of end users. Often times, the analyzers are you; the chemists and process engineers who constantly fine tune the manufacturing process.

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Swan and Thermo Orion Sodium

On-Line Analyzers.

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