Quality provides value!

Preparation of raw material reagent chemicals for the process area is sometimes difficult when done in the plant.  How much handling?  Under what conditions? With what prep accuracy?  Record keeping? Hazardous materials training? In-process integrity?

Efficient process management should start with sourcing these materials so they come into the plant ready to use.  Those materials will have the consistency of large batches produced under GLP/GMP conditions.  They will have retained purity and integrity all the way to the point of use.  This will translate into long term operational ease-of-use.

Improved productivity is the end result.

Quality boosts productivity.  It is the key to providing you with consistent reagent performance. 

Consistent analytical performance is the goal, but how does one evaluate reagent quality? How do you know when you're on quality street?

Quality is usually not accidental.  It is the key ingredient!  It has to be part of a well defined process. Specifications and product validation are still good benchmarks.  All our reagent chemicals are manufactured with this vital assurance - made and packaged in a chemical plant adhering to a quality system that is ISO9001-2008 certified.

This ensures a traceable series of activities for each product each designed to guarantee good laboratory practices (GLP) and good manufacturing practices (GMP) are being followed.

In our manufacturing process:

Make sure no big holes exist in your Reagent Sourcing.