Why pre-packaged?


Reagents for analyzers running


Our products mirror image the OEM analyzer consumables.

All are pre-packaged, and ready to use on the OEM analyzer. No field mixing whatsoever. Only high purity reagent raw materials are chosen and manufactured to ISO9001-2008 quality standards.

You specify, we provide....

Make it a winning combination.  Your expertise with the instruments, and our experience with reagent manufacturing - combine to make products characterized for your method and priced to reduce operating costs.

You may have installed Swan or Thermo Orion sodium analyzers; or, silica and phosphate analyzers. These remarkable tools provide the real time data necessary to manage your process.  You deserve another source of high-quality consumables comparable to OEM products but at substantial savings.  DS&M Scientific offers direct replacements for OEM consumables and maintenance kits.All of our products are made in the U.S., in an ISO9001 (2008) certified chemical plant; whilst also passing the most critical test of all: Continuous use at power plants just like yours for the past 15 years.


Why DS&M Scientific?  

The operational objective of process monitoring is uninterrupted, accurate and consistent analyses ...and the peace of mind that comes with that...butPreparation of reagents to laboratory precision in the process area is sometimes difficult, never easy.  Sometimes the purity characteristics of the prep reagents and water are out of reach.

Additionally, instrument companies are seldom set up for batch reagent manufacturing...

Our analyzer reagents are made by chemists with laboratory precision following GLP/GMP.  

Product validation includes use testing on the analyzer. You are assured of high performance for the application and operating range.  

Each reagent has a stringent specification to ensure quality parameters are attained.  

The consistency of this process will translate into long term operational ease-of-use, and efficient management of your monitoring program.

You are assured of fresh reagent lots coming in on-time for run cycle changes.


If you're analyzing silica with analyzers made by ABB, Bran+Luebbe, Orion, polymetron/zellweger, Swan, or Waltron; we should talk

High Quality Reagent Sets Optimized for the Analyzer Operating Range

Ø Direct from a Quality Reagent Manufacturer

Ø Pre-Packaged Consistency & Convenience

Ø Quality Validated by Chemists

Ø ISO 9001:2008 Certified Facilites

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