Orion 1800 Series

1800 Series 33% monoethylamine

E3057-6L: 6x1L,with 4' diffusion tubing, is the our ethylamine, 33%, that is used to adjust the pH of incoming samples prior to analysis by the Thermo Orion Models 1800 Series.  Raw material for this product is 70-71% monoethylamine upon which most MSDS data is founded on. 

Analysis is provided for monoethylamine wt%, Color, APHA, ammonia wt%, diethylamine wt%, N-ethylidene-ethylamine wt%, and total organic impurities wt% as measured by GC on a 100% organic basis.

It is then diluted to 33%, an exothermic process, as outlined in E3057-45. 

Once diluted the flash point hazard is greatly reduced: from -17 deg C to ~22 deg C.  

Here is some relevant product data:  VOL2_Orion.pdf

And the MSDS.

The good? You may already be using it, and are where you need to be for sensitivity.

Not to mention the fact that this configuration has been a good old work-horse.

The bad?  Environmental hazard  EPA SARA TITLE III SECTION 312 (40CFR370) HAZARD CLASS.

It is sold packaged in 6x1L case only, shipped in a non-breakable leakproof bottle, along with 6 diffusion tubing/o-ring kits.

All the reagents, and many other consumables, are detailed on the Thermo Orion sodium price list.

All 1800 series variants such as: ammonia, chloride, hydrazine(oxygen scavenger), calcium...are on this list.

A closer look at the electrodes for the 1800 series, sodium and chloride, as shown on this page   - 1800 Series electrodes

Look up the Thermo Orion part number - a list sorted by Thermo Orion part number, shows our replacement product.

Current pricing for this and other consumables for the 1800 series found at the link below:

2011 Price List Sodium: