Operating COST Analyzer

I've always enjoyed the concept and ease of use of spreadsheets for a variety

of uses; and here, I have set up some purchase scenarios so as to demonstrate

the significant savings, in real dollars, afforded to our customers.

First let take the classic 1811EL using 33% Ethylamine.

From the DS&M price list almost all the consumables for this analyzer are available.

Next, look at the DIPA retrofitted 1811EL.

Now the 2111LL, for which DS&M can supply the Reagent, Diffusion Tubing/O-ring Kits

the Electrode Fill Solution and the CAL Standard Kits.  However, in order to make a valid comparison,

one has to decide to purchase DIPA and DT together or separate.

The direct comparison is buying the DIPA (6x0.8L) with 6 DT Kits.

For additional savings, buy the DIPA separately, and the DS&M changeout DT Kit, if you know you don't want to deal with all the extra parts that come packaged with the Thermo DT.

The 2111XP, gets a little more complicated (especially in ability to compare)