Custom Packaging

Risk management in the industrial workplace


ore companies are finding new ways to reduce exposure to risks associated with potentially hazardous chemicals. They let us handle them!

Buying “BIG” is seldom a cost savings when it comes to reagent chemical sizing decisions. Economy of scale is just a minor consideration.  The largest size the end user handles should be based on the potential for  purity breach and hazard of the material as it is moved within the plant.  There should be no more dispensing from small bulk or bulk containers down to the size that is used in the process. Buy it pre-packaged in the best container that defines the exact measure used, whether it is to fit a particular process analyzer, or used in the production line.  This pre-measured unit is what I call the point-of-use size. 

Why buy it, dispense it, and transport it to the process area?  What is it transported in?  How is it the transporter labelled?  Here’s an opportunity to manage risk, or stream-line a process; or both!

 We will Package it the way it’s used

The solution is to source the material in the exact point-of-use form and size. 

We start with the process: Is it a pre-blend? what is the production batch? where and how is it used? Does it need specialized packaging to accommodate dispensing? What is the hazard type? If a reagent chemical is hazardous, minimal handling is the goal; often meaning sourcing in the point-of-use package.   For example, if the risk is  dust  and yet the chemical form gets changed to a liquid or slurry for your process, then source it as a liquid or slurry. Inhalation of powder risk is thus eliminated. 

We can identify the size that is dispensed into your process. The package size will then be expressed as the process dictates; Molar and Normal Solutions, weight, weight%, vol/vol, w/w, gram equivalent weight, liquid measure, and so on.  It could be 4,096 grams; whatever. 

We will make every package visible

With a point-of-use package, the label also becomes part of the package. Each package can be a part number, a subassembly;  identified with process statements, special warnings, and so on: all visible on every container from receiving to disposal.  Whether it's limiting exposure, or process improvement, everyone benefits from point-of-use packaging.

You have ISO9000 Assurance

Our business is to custom package your reagent needs in a GLP/GMP manufacturing facility. We meet all your requirements, including testing and compliance.  Our quality system is registered in accordance with  ISO9001(2008).  We can be trusted to comply with MIL specs and company characterizations, providing C/A, C/C lot pretesting.

Some risks are simple to reduce

Whether your process is in the lab or manufacturing line, think about how you can limit personnel exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals. See how routinely a point-of-use container can be moved about the plant, because safety is integral.  Differences in cost are often surprisingly small, but unit cost cannot outweigh the liability. You have changed to a better product coming into your plant.

Get the facts!

Imagine how simple a decision can be when it's based on having the facts.  Call us, and we’ll  work out the point-of-use package for your applicationsee why custom packaging is really about saving money.    


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