1800 Series electrodes

H4800C Na Sensor pairs with H5800C Ref 


H4500C Na Sensor pairs with H5600C Ref

Yes, these electrodes are made here in the USA.

The glass is still hand blown, and their construction and performance has been such that my customers

have reduced their reorder cycle.  Depending on the sample matrix and cleaning maintenance, these 

should last well over a year.

Here's the story on how we tested them and why we guarantee their performance on the 1811LL and 1811EL analyzers.

Take a quick look at the pricing and see why this represents an opportunity to save significant costs.

Here's a link to a very good review of principles of ISE detection.  

In fact, if you start here you go to the start page of this comprehensive primer; quite a useful gateway to methods and equipment 

your lab deals with.