2111 Diffusion Tubing

Diffusion Tubing for Reagent Bottle Adaptor

*** New Diffusion Tubing Configuration ***


Shown here is a translucent sleeve over the black o-ring which provides a

simple and secure crimp of the tubing over the barb.



In an effort to understand how tubing failures occur, some testing

was conducted to mimic what happens to the OEM Diffusion Tubing

Kit and the DS&M Scientific Diffusion Tubing Kit when the Reagent Bottle Adaptor

is left exposed to the DIPA.  The set up has the RBA ports blocked, a similar situation

as when the analyzer is shut down.


Both kits use silicone components to constrict the tubing over the barb fitting. However, silicone more than doubles it's size when exposed to the DIPA.

This puts can so much pressure on the tubing at the barb; the tubing just breaks as if sliced. So the cap used in the OEM product, and the sleeve used on

DS&M's product can actually cause a failure from the pressure and distortion.


I went back to an original premise; to keep it simple and with as few components as possible, and evaluated a different composition

for the o-ring attachment.  That material(black o-ring) is now being used and the rate of distortion and swelling is minimal.


So the silicone diffusion tubing still swells significantly, but the black o-ring not very much at all. 

Click to enlarge this picture of the tubing assembly submerged in DIPA for an extended period.


It's a win Win, WIN.  Less Failure with Less Parts and Less Money.  Call us 802-685-3229 for pricing on our N-configuration.

There are two diffusion tubing kits available.

If changing out multiple analyzers order T2194-45N; containing all the parts needed

to set up 6 Reagent Bottle Adaptors.

Monthly maintenance consists of replacing the 4" piece of diffusion tubing with the O-ring cinch, and slide on the sleeve crimp.

Our T2194-4512N contains a bakers dozen tubing assemblies, along with 2 spare barb adaptors, 2 spare sleeve crimps, and the RBA o-rings.

The DIPA is sold as D3045R-6L, REAGENT ONLY CS/6


D3045-6L includes the DIPA with the T2194-4512N annual tubing kit.

Call 802-685-3229 and talk to Ken Stella.  We accept Visa and MasterCard.

D3045-6L (CS/6 1L) Safety Bottle