Only 2¾” wide, this container sits upright for analyzer cabinets or sideways for rack dispensing systems...    up to a 5L fill. 

P3nnn-4L Series Phosphate Calibration Standards, S3nnn-4L Series Silica Calibration Standads

Packaging:  5L Reagent Bottle HPB4333   w/38mm NBO Neck

Label: placement on bottle as shown

[currently in 3x5 PS Bar Coded Laser Printed]

Description, see label spec

Batch(Lot) preparation

Batch(Lot) expiration date(s)

Application: Reagent Bottle HDPE, 1-4L graduated, 5L capacity,~345g, 38mm NBO(non back) off Neck[Hedwin]

DS&M 4L CAL Standards,P3nnn-4L,S3nnn-4L,Part of P0nnn and S0nnn Series[z4333.dot Rev.1]

This specification is the proprietary information of DS&M, and may not be used without prior approvals.